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Rockaway Quarry is Timigtac

Less than three days remain until public comments for Pacifica’s Rockaway Quarry reclamation plan are due (Monday April 4 at 5pm). Over the past two weeks we’ve filed hundreds of federal and state records requests for historical documents and believe it is statistically likely that the Rockaway Quarry was the long-lost Native American village of Timigtac.

Pacifica-based Native Americans who were not wiped out by syphilis in 1790 and measles in 1792 were essentially enslaved at Mission Dolores (aka Misión San Francisco de Asís) between 1776 and 1839 in SF (where the remains of 5,000 are interred). They were forced to both quarry limestone from the Rockaway Quarry and fresh water from San Pedro Valley Creek in Linda Mar to build both the San Francisco Presidio & Mission Dolores (aka Misión San Francisco de Asís).

One very important thing to include with your public comments should be that “the Holman and Associates Archaeological Consultants (2002) Historical and Cultural assets source on the DEIR is outdated, incomplete, and inadequate and a new ‘historical and cultural assets’ assessment needs to be performed and that the DEIR must be restarted from scratch.”


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Pacifica Quarry Application

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  5. 1909 Shellmound Map
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  7. Bobcat in Pacifica Quarry
  8. Bobcat in Pacifica Quarry