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Gilmartin & Varela bribed Public Works employees

US District Court Case 3:21-cr-00490-SI US Attorney Stephanie Hinds published Dec 17 2021 pleas from SF Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru detailing how he’d been bribed by William Gilmartin & Alan Varela. Varela was sentenced to two years and Gilmartin’s sentencing is still pending.

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Fraud, Conversion & Breach of Fiduciary Duty.. .Oh My!
US District Court for Northern California Case 3:20-cv-04442-SK “Marr vs Pipe & Plant Solutions Inc” lays out the claims involving Proven Management Inc, William J Gilmartin IV, Alan Varela, William J Gilmartin III and Sewerai Corporation of Delaware. These three overlapping corporate entities receive hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenues from the City of Pacifica.